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It is a question loaded with history. Some of that history revolves around the very way the nation came into being — personal firearms staved off certain death at the hands of a tyrannical crown bent on exacting vengeance against rebellious colonists. Other events in the American history of self-defense are sordid and complex — slavery and corresponding legislation to restrict what could be carried and by whom. One thing is certain, the issue of the inalienable right to keep and bear arms is rubbing up against governmental agencies that continue to find ways to make gun ownership and inherent…

Any legislator at any level would be a political ace if they only took the time to review the data.

By: S. Christopher Michaels

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The Foundation for Economic Education published an article in 2018 under the title, What Makes Someone Decide to Be a Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, or Statist? The column’s premise is that scientists have reverse-engineered personality traits to paint a surprisingly accurate picture of a person’s likely political affiliation as an adult. The piece is well-founded in research and provides an objective lens to begin a challenging discussion.

If an individual’s future political affiliation can be reasonably ascertained…

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Memorial Day is about humble reflection. It was once known as Decoration Day, honoring the sacrifices of those who fought to keep America united during the Civil War. In 1971 Memorial Day became an official federal holiday. One hundred years is a long time to wait for recognition. In the same way, this column is about the long-overdue acknowledgment of sacrifice over personal glory.

In 1864, President Lincoln allegedly wrote a heartfelt letter to one Mrs. Bixby regarding the personal tragedy she felt upon losing five sons in battle during the Civil War. …

Christopher Michaels

S. Christopher Michaels is an author who writes literary fiction and non-fiction social-political commentary. Chris is a conservative-Libertarian.

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